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Accuracy. How to teach your child to order

The process of teaching a child to something is always based on an example. Personal, own example of parents is daily confirmed by regular actions. In order to accustom a child to cleanliness, order and accuracy, it is necessary to act in the same way - to demonstrate the appropriate treatment, that is, to put unnecessary things in their places, clean them up, put things into the laundry in time, clean them on the work table and wash the dishes with them. Numerous things can be attributed to numerous everyday affairs, depending on household conditions and family values, but the main lesson from this will not change: children will imitate the behavior of their parents and will listen to remarks and advice only if they see confirmation in your actions. When the requirements and the real behavior of the parents do not coincide (and such an illustration is perfectly illustrated by the example of the life of families with teenagers, where the popes like to prohibit smoking, while not releasing the cigarettes from their hands), the children distrust the tasks they set and often ignore them. ]
Но вернемся к нашим малюткам. Чтобы приучить совсем маленьких детей к порядку, необходимо методично, ежедневно, без нервов и показательных выступлений, показывать ребенку, как правильно собирать игрушки, куда класть одежду, где выбрасывать мусор. И хотя подобный труд сперва может показаться бесполезным и весьма утомительным, плоды от вложенной информации сможете пожинать уже спустя месяцы. Детки до трех лет практически всему учатся наблюдая, это значит, что папа и мама должны слаженно придерживаться установленных в доме порядков и выполнять все то, что требуется от малыша. Гостей, друзей и, при совместном проживании, всех членов семьи, тоже необходимо проинструктировать о правильности и необходимости демонстрировать малышу правила на наглядных примерах, тогда аккуратность и опрятность станут неотъемлемыми спутниками ребенка.

Children of primary school age, like growing up preschoolers, should be monitored, gently prompting the right options. Kids at this age are very mobile, so quickly switch from one to another, often forgetting about everything. At the same time, you can, of course, teach the child to correct the bed, put personal things on a chair, clean dirty dishes from the table, help wipe the dust, put shoes in place and put on a shelf, say, a hat. Of these trivial, everyday trifles, important habits for the rest of their lives, so all that will now be invested in the tiny heads of sons and daughters, certainly useful to children in adulthood.
By the way, schoolchildren can easily put their things in a briefcase or backpack, do their homework and clean up on their desktop, put things in the laundry, help hang out clothes and wash the floors. Of course, many tasks will be difficult for kids and can be performed with a number of errors, but if you trust the child to do them, in time everything will turn out better and better. Do not spare your time and try not to remodel the work done with the child (for example, it is better to rinse the dishes badly after proper praise and approval when the child leaves the kitchen), because this attitude will offend the diligent baby.
Accuracy and diligence are the usual skills that are instilled with age and become part of everyday life of each of us. In order for the baby to grow up to be independent and tidy, try to let him do everything that is available and not dangerous, and also help deal with boring, routine matters. Remind of duties without negative emotions, and tell even the most simple things, if the child is carried away by something else.
To simplify the training of accuracy, follow the simple tips:
- put a separate garbage basket in the child's room, then the baby will quickly remove it from the table and leave paper, sawdust and other debris on the floor;
- accustom the child to always put dirty things in a certain place;
- wash your hands together after walking and after eating;
- do not start cleaning before bedtime, you can find time to eat or spend an hour on the weekend;
- sort the toys and leave only a certain number of items freely available for the game, then the baby will be easier to assemble;
- do not involve the child in general cleaning of the premises, only small tasks for cleaning a particular place, toys, dust and other short-term, daily manipulations can be in his competence;
- teach the child to use cutlery and give an example;
- Pay attention to appearance, because neat, clean, not crumpled and beautiful things also define a person as neat and cute.
Remember that parental patience and effort are not in vain, so all your actions will have results. The main thing is to teach the kids to be neat with love and joy in the heart.

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