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Children for Two

A separate room for the baby is not only a great chance to collect all the children's things in one place, but also the opportunity to give the child a personal space. It is such a premise that will allow the child to learn independence more quickly and, of course, will stimulate relaxation in his comfort zone. Agree, because in your room to seclude much easier than in the lounge chair or at the table in the kitchen, is not it? Children, after all, sometimes also want to retire from questions and attention of relatives.
Quite often, in order to save space, parents prepare a nursery at once for two or even three children. This is due to the fact that the age difference between children often does not exceed five years, and with the fact that it is not always possible to allocate separate rooms for babies. Regardless of the prerequisites and motivations, we will consider the options for placing children in the same room with the condition of demarcating space and creating maximum convenience.

Among the most common variants of children's design design for the two are the three most popular solutions. The basis of the first sentence is the delineation of the territory by the allocation of the mirrored zones for sleep. In this case, the beds and, for example, separate working areas will be located at the opposite walls, while the common cupboard can stand at the third wall. In this case, children can be allocated their own bedside tables, lay individual mats and make a single place for games in the center of the room. Of course, it is important that there are points of intersection.
The second option involves the use of modern technologies and offers of furniture companies. To save space, you can purchase two-story beds, but not simple two-tier models, and special furniture modules. Such beds will be located on the "second" floor of the structure, while a desk, shelves, niches and a closet can be built into the bed frame and located downstairs. In this case, a significant part of the room will be free and children will be able to play there even with guests.
The third example demonstrates the possibility of using another model of a two-level bed, but in this case the beds should be perpendicular to each other, which will provide space above the head of the child sleeping below, because some discomfort due to the presence of an upper bed with standard Two-story beds are always present. I want to note that recently designers are increasingly designing unusual rolling elements and various podiums that allow to distribute capacities and necessary things at different levels, visually increasing the space of the room. It is worth paying attention to such novelties and using them in every way in everyday life. And, by the way, retractable beds are ideal for young children, leaving them on the top shelf is not safe, because even if the baby sleeps quietly, go down at night for water or to the toilet yourself is unlikely to work.

Zoning children is not easy, but when considering different options, always remember that apart from a sound and healthy sleep in comfortable conditions, it is important for children to allocate a place for active games and if in a private room such space can not be envisaged, allow They play in the living room or any other room, because the right leisure, the most important part of the development of the kids. Playing, children learn!
By the way, hidden beds, reclining elements, multi-level modules and various niches for storing important things often allow you to competently allocate the necessary minimum and use every centimeter of the room.

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