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Endometriosis does not exclude pregnancy

This disease is very common among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, although not every sick woman is aware of their health problems. Some illnesses are troubled by pain, someone does not manifest at all, but in any case jeopardizes the possibility of conceiving a child.

whether to become pregnant with endometriosis

A frequent symptom of endometriosis is severe pain in the abdominal region

Why endometrial cells grow

The proliferation of cells of the inner mucous layer of the uterine membrane, or otherwise - the endometrium, far beyond this layer, up to the intestine and even to the lungs, is considered one of the most common female diseases. The exact number of women suffering from endometriosis can not be determined, since often the disease is asymptomatic, and it is possible to detect health problems only with regular examinations at the gynecologist. But, unfortunately, not every woman observes this regularity.

The essence of the endometriosis itself is approximately that during the menses, not all of the uterine mucosa exfoliates and is removed from the blood, and some of its cells are retained and fall into places where they should not be at all - the ovaries, the vagina, the cervix.

Endometriosis refers to hormone-dependent diseases: each cell that detaches from the endometrium and adheres to another organ, has receptors that are sensitive to female hormones, and behaves as part of the endometrium - grows, prepares to take the egg and is rejected. But only the blood that has been allocated does not leave the body, but accumulates, for example, in the cavity of the peritoneum and causes inflammation.

Causes of endometrial overgrowth are not fully understood by medical professionals. Some studies show the likelihood of a genetic predisposition to this unpleasant disease. In addition, endometriosis can develop due to some peculiarities in the structure of the fallopian tubes, and also due to immune disorders.

How to recognize endometriosis?

The main and most unpleasant symptom of endometriosis is strong and sometimes even frightening pain. A woman complains of pain in the lower abdomen, a very painful period. Sometimes severe pain is felt during an intimate relationship with a sexual partner, soreness when urinating. Menses become durable and plentiful, often spotting bloody discharge, usually a few days before and after menstruation.

But the main sign that gives reason to suspect endometriosis is much worse than pain - because of illness it becomes very difficult to get pregnant.

Endometriosis threatens with infertility?

Women with endometriosis do not seem to be infertile - no, they can sometimes become pregnant, but they hardly ever manage to endure a baby. Among the reasons that reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, doctors call the occurrence of adhesions in the endometriosis in the area of ​​the fallopian tubes and ovaries, because of what the egg can not go out to the uterus, and also the hormonal effect on the egg when, due to problems with immunity and endocrine disorders in general There is no ovulation and fertilization. Do not add a chance to become pregnant and inflammation in the small pelvis, and failures in the transport functions of the fallopian tubes.

Some doctors believe that endometriosis is causing some very unfavorable conditions in the uterus to carry a healthy fetus, so that the body itself determines the unwanted pregnancy at the moment. Perhaps this is the cause of frequent miscarriages that occur as if by themselves in the early weeks of pregnancy in those women who managed to conceive a child, despite the endometriosis.

However, the growth of the endometrium is not at all a verdict and does not deny the possibility of becoming a mother. Endometriosis is quite effectively treated with the help of modern medical techniques - sometimes there are enough medications, sometimes you have to resort to surgery. After the surgical intervention, a course of drugs that increase the likelihood of conception is usually prescribed. Usually, at the end of endometriosis treatment, pregnancy occurs approximately six months or a year later. If after the treatment it is not possible to conceive a child, a woman is recommended additional tests to determine other, possibly, accompanying causes of infertility.

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