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Toys for development

The development of speech and motor skills, as well as artistic and aesthetic perception, depends heavily on toys. The universality of some instances allows parents to minimize the amount of game benefits a baby and maximize his life with interesting and informative games.
There are toys that are equally interesting to children for several years and they can not be attributed to a certain age category at first sight. As a rule, these are educational toys, from which it is necessary to create something. Tobish, not existing autonomously beautiful products, but details that can become the basis of creation. These products are certainly pyramid, cubes, cups, constructors, sorter and mosaic . It can not be argued that the wonderful framework-liners, kits for stringing and lacing are very different from the above products, but a limited number of ways to use them still distinguishes these products in another category.


And from here more in detail.
Cubes and constructors , as leaders of construction subjects, can be an ideal tool for many years, but kits with large details and not wooden blocks, that is products without sharp corners, are more suitable for very young children (up to two years old). With the help of such details it is possible to build small houses, garages, towers, bridges, streets and many other equally interesting buildings and locations. Help the kid to come up with objects, but the implementation of the conceived, let him do it himself. Of course, very little chunks need to be helped and prompted, but children older than three years will be able to cope perfectly with the task without outside help.
Mosaic , as a boundless storehouse of chic drawings and an excellent tool for the development of small motor skills of the baby, will be of interest to both boys and girls. The size of the details and holes in the field can vary, so choose the option that is more suitable for the child by age. With the kids, you can add the simplest drawings, consisting of geometric shapes and lines, but with older preschoolers you can create real masterpieces, not limited to flowers and clouds.
Plain Plastic cups , with funny prints on the bottom, are sold almost everywhere, but many use them for their intended purpose, that is, for games in the sandbox. At home it is also possible to use these bright containers, because with their help it is easy to start a lot of games. Inverted cups are ideal for building, and in a normal position can serve as a place for storing various things. By the way, if you use a mosaic for playing the game, you can fold the parts sorted by color into different glasses. And yet, the bottom can squeeze out images on a salt test.
The variety of hitters is amazing, so choosing the most interesting option is not always easy. For long-term use, it's better to take Player , in which there are many details, but it is better to ignore those products in which diversity is created due to the abundance of polygon starlets, since children under four years of age find it difficult enough to turn a three-dimensional figure so that it fits nicely into the intended hole, Over the task, the child will simply lose interest in the game. This means that the toy must be strong, reliable, colorful (in terms of the variety of colors in relation to the number of parts) and large. When the kid plays the set according to the rules, you can suggest to fold the figures in different capacities or to use during construction. From bright geometric objects you can lay a train or a caterpillar, and also use them to decorate a lock of cubes.
Create, let the fabulous adventures accompany the kid in reality.

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