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Interesting facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy, as one of the most mysterious periods in a woman's life, still keeps a lot of mysteries and, even to doctors and scientists, not fully understood points. Actually, therefore, there are various amazing facts about pregnancy that amaze and inspire. Let a selection of these cute, and sometimes simply stunning stories, help you remember your pregnancy with a smile. And those who just have to plunge into the world of motherhood, sincerely want light births.


1. During the period of bearing of the baby, the sense of smell of a future mother is exacerbated 11 times. That's where all the known reactions to smells in public transport and in the kitchen. By the way, even the chewing gum after beer will not hide the smell of alcohol from the pregnant wife, so, dear men, do not try to deceive. And, as a warning, a hint of "foreign" female perfume is also relevant.

2. Being inside, the child experiences a lot of emotions and, up to a certain age, can freely move the legs, pens. In addition, he can already smile, and therefore rejoice and sad. Actually, listening to pleasant music, reading for baby and tactile touching the tummy, just concern stimulation of positive emotions of crumbs.

3. During pregnancy, many women change their foot. Moreover, the changes concern not only the completeness, which is due to swelling, but also length. So extending the foot to one or two sizes should not alarm you. Just have to buy another pair of shoes.

4. Only 15% of couples can boast of the result obtained during the first cycle, that is, in fact, the first time. The rest take much longer to fertilize after all. Sometimes, by the way, this period stretches for several years.

5. Scientists studied statistics and tried to learn the population growth rate on the planet. Among other things, it has been calculated that children have been born about once every three seconds.

6. The first contraceptive was invented even by the ancient Egyptians, but there is no reliable data on its effectiveness. However, the effectiveness of some modern tools is also questionable, although more than five thousand years have passed.

7. Scientists have conducted research and have received the dynamics of the birth of children by day. Most often newborns are born on Tuesdays. And, oddly enough, least often on weekends.

8. The standard gestation period lasts from 38 to 42 weeks. At the same time, only ten percent of the carpacious are born in this period. By the way, doctors recorded the fact of gestation, lasting 375 days, and this is 53 weeks.

9. The greatest number of children born to one woman is 69 people. The second in terms of effectiveness is Mom 57 children.

10. The heaviest baby is an Italian boy, born with a weight of 10.2 kg.

11. The cases of the simultaneous birth of seven, eight and even ten children were recorded several times on different continents, but eleven babies, according to medical data, were only twice born - in the US and in South Asia.

These and similar curious facts illustrate the boundless possibilities of the human body and incredible miracles. I want to believe that the sacrament of bearing a small treasure, this is a special time not only for mom, but for the pope, so enjoy these fleeting weeks in full.

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