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Family Traditions

Traditions, especially national and religious, have long been firmly entrenched in many families, being the basis of some joint activities. However, there are also so-called family traditions, the significance of which is also great. Such customs are created in a particular family, taking into account the personal wishes of each, the age and the number of children, and also taking into account other conditions, but in any case, over time they become familiar and such pastime admirably complements boring and monotonous everyday life. I want to offer different variants of family traditions that have become unique for some couples, maybe you will also like some ideas and you will introduce something similar in your life.

The most common custom of many families is birthday celebrations . Some people take a picnic every year, others prefer to have a sit-round at home. However, this is the most banal example, because traditions based on the desire to fill ordinary days with bright colors motivate to create holidays on their own and not to be attached to certain dates.
A good tradition is organizing a dad's day . Let's say that once a week, on Wednesday, the father will spend the whole evening with the children. In good weather and a warm season you can walk together outdoors, on cool evenings, he can play with children at home. Suitable as table games, and other options, depending on the age of the carapaces.
Another, no less interesting tradition, will appeal to those who like to learn new things. Suppose, once a month, on Saturday, you can organize traditional trips to museums or theaters . Let this wonderful walk do not depend on the weather and laziness. After three or four sorties, you'll notice how everyone will wait for the next date, because the kids like adventure so much.
A similar option applies to walking around the city , especially fairly large, then it will be interesting for you and the children to wander through the central streets, look carefully at the architecture, take a walk in parks and squares, and explore all unknown trails.
A family tradition can be watching movies , especially those novelties of the film industry that will be of interest to everyone, that is, good, good comedies and funny, modern animated films. Depending on the saturation of the standard graphics, two hours for viewing can be allocated once a week or three times. Given the love of children for any video and the need for all kids in their arms, this option will definitely become a good, good tradition.
Celebrate the New Year in a new place , starting from the apartments of relatives and friends and continuing with various institutions, cities, countries. Just imagine how many different impressions will be in your archive after such trips.
The tradition of going to a pizzeria and making olive salad together is also in a sense family, but these are not exactly the values ​​that I would like to mention. Of course, ideally, family traditions are passed from generation to generation and are observed by all family members for decades, but if this was not your family, be the first to introduce this wonderful idea into life.

Why do family traditions and what's the use of them? There are many positive reasons:
1. This is a great opportunity to resurrect family values ​​and revive feelings.
2. Traditions unite and try on those who are at quarrel.
3. Family customs give us unforgettable little things, on which the most pleasant memories are later based. For example, the smell of home baking, a shot from the film, tea from a thermos and others, wonderful details.
4. Traditions assume order, so in a sense, this is upbringing and discipline.
5. Family dinners and other hours spent together, stimulate communication and help to know each other better (especially for children, because we do not always keep up with their growth and interests).
In general, pay attention to traditions and then your family foundations will become unshakable.

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