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Gastritis? Therapeutic diet will accelerate recovery

A sharp pain in my stomach sometimes makes us curl up with my legs clamped and stand on my side, hoping that the painful spasm is about to die down. The cause of this condition is most often an inflamed stomach or problems with the pancreas. There is also a possibility that the pain caused diseases of both organs simultaneously.

diet with gastritis and pancreatitis

A glowing diet will enable the body to gradually restore the mucous membranes of the stomach and pancreas

Gastritis and pancreatitis - what is common?

The human gastrointestinal system is not only extremely complex, but also very interrelated, so troubles with one of its organs necessarily affect the condition of others. The stomach and the pancreas located almost behind it are especially sensitive to disturbances in each other's work. So, for example, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) can badly affect the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. And problems with digestion of food in the stomach and inflammation of its mucous membrane (gastritis) can provoke a malfunction in the functioning of the pancreas. The first step toward eliminating such inflammations and normalizing the functions of the stomach and pancreas is a gentle eating regimen. The fewer organs become exposed to new irritations, the sooner their functions are restored, especially if the stomach and pancreas become inflamed simultaneously.

Why should food be special?

Inflammation occurring in the stomach and pancreas is dangerous because they deplete the mucous membranes and eventually lead to ulcers. Therefore, a diet in the case of gastric inflammation or pancreatitis, and even more so during a simultaneous disruption of the work of both organs, should limit the intake of acid-containing products and at the same time create conditions for the healing and repair of inflamed areas.

Making up the menu in case of exacerbation of gastritis and pancreatitis, it is necessary to take into account that hot and cold dishes, as well as food spiced with spices and causing fermentation, have an irritating effect. Food should be split as quickly as possible and leave the stomach. Thus, fatty fish, fried meat or legumes, which require at least 5 hours for digestion, are not recommended for use in pancreatitis and gastric inflammation.

In addition, you should be aware that some foods, such as strong broths, coffee and black bread, cause the stomach to work hard to produce juice for digestion. Oat broth, on the contrary, envelops the walls of the stomach, protecting the mucous membranes. Egg proteins neutralize the acid produced in the stomach, and the butter reduces the intensity of the secretion of gastric juice.

We turn on the menu

Quickly and easily absorbed without creating additional stress on the inflamed digestive organs: kissels, compotes of non-acidic berries and fruits, low-fat broth from chicken or beef, grated cereal soups on vegetable broth, soups with carrots and cauliflower, Stewed fish of low-fat varieties, steam rolls and meatballs, mashed potatoes, mashed porridges, boiled or stewed vegetables (except cabbage), baked non-acid fruits.

Dairy products are useful for gastritis and inflammation of the pancreas, especially dishes from low-fat cottage cheese. You can treat yourself to pieces of boiled pumpkin or zucchini.

Exclude from the diet

Inflammatory processes that affect the pancreas and stomach require unconditional refusal of alcoholic beverages, any fatty foods, canned, salted, mochilas and pickled delicacies from the grandmother's cellar, flavored with spices of roasted meat and elite fish of fatty varieties, smoked delicacies. Until the full recovery is worth to abandon the chocolate, coffee, acidic fruit juices and just sour berries and fruits, black bread, fresh yeast baked goods, ice cream.

How to organize a meal?

If pancreatitis worries and gastritis worries, you need to build yourself a regime of fractional and very uniform nutrition. The table should sit at least five or even six times a day, observing equal intervals between meals. There is recommended not taking the time to chew the food you need very carefully.

Gentle diet and strict diet will allow the body to gradually restore the mucous membranes of the stomach and pancreas, which were damaged by inflammation. But if the diet is not respected, the organs will be traumatized again and disruptions in their work can turn into very serious chronic diseases, which will not be so easy to cope with.

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