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Glycolic peeling: do not overdo it with acid

Cleansing the skin with hydroxyacetic, or glycolic, acid is now quite available not only in beauty salons, but also at home. A suitable solution of this fruit acid can be purchased at the pharmacy, selecting any of its concentrations, and, using caution in use, to conduct the procedure on its own.

glycol peeling at home

After glycol peeling, any creams and face masks work much more efficiently

What does acid know?

Glycolic acid can be found in natural sources - sugar beet and sugar cane, in grapes. It is considered one of the best natural exfoliants, able to rid the skin of old dead cells. Glycolic acid belongs to the group of AHA-acids, or fruit acids. The essence of her work is that when we apply it to the skin, it destroys the connections between the scarred skin scales and speeds up their exfoliation. Among the AHA acids, glycolic acid has the smallest molecules, so it easily penetrates deep into the layers of the skin.

Благодаря воздействию кислоты с кожи исчезают пигментные пятна и небольшие рубцы (особенно эффективна она против следов от акне), регулируется выделение кожного жира, становятся незаметными мелкие морщинки, уходит дряблость, кожа обретает гладкость, нежность и упругость. Влияние кислоты, кроме прочего, стимулирует клетки кожи к активному восстановлению, влияет на возобновление в них синтеза гиалуроновой кислоты, повышая кожный тонус и создавая омолаживающий эффект.

The essential advantage of cleansing the skin with glycolic acid is also in the conductive properties of this substance: after peeling, any creams and face masks work much more effectively, because all the obstacles to penetration deep into the skin have been eliminated.

Acid for home care

Glycolic acid can be used for self-peeling, carrying it at home. In the cosmetics store or at the pharmacy, it is offered to buy it in different concentrations - from 5 to 70%, this variety allows the use of acid for regular maintenance or for periodic deep cleaning.

Be sure to check in advance, do not spoil all the pleasure of an accidental allergy from this remedy - apply a little acid on the wrist or elbow skin. Carefully follow the recommendations for preparing the formulation for use so that it does not become excessively concentrated and does not lead to a burn. Try not to get acid on the skin near the eyes - there the skin is too thin, and even slightly concentrated glycolic acid can burn it.

Warning: Contraindications

Cleansing the face with glycolic acid has some contraindications. So, for example, from such a peeling you need to refrain, if you strongly sunbathed in the sun, if the skin appeared inflamed pimples or scratches. It is not recommended acid peeling to the owners of very dry and too sensitive skin. Categorically it is impossible to conduct acid procedures in the presence of warts on the face, with manifestations of herpes, with any malaise with an increase in temperature.

How to conduct the procedure

About a week before the scheduled peeling, start using daily cosmetics with fruit acids in a small concentration - cleansing lotions, tonics, gels for washing. So the skin will get used to acid a little and will transfer its higher concentration more easily.

Before proceeding to the actual peeling procedure with acid, carefully wipe off the make-up remnants: first use a special milk, and then degrease the skin with a washing gel containing fruit acids. Allow the skin to dry and wipe with a moisturizing tonic.

Take the prepared glycol composition for the peeling and apply it with a brush to the face in the directions of the massage lines - the forehead and nose, from the temples to the cheeks, then to the neck and to the chin. Keep the composition on the face should be strictly according to the instructions - no longer than 10 minutes. You can feel that the skin burns a bit and tingles. But if the burning becomes strong, in order to avoid a burn, immediately remove the product from your face - perhaps the composition was too concentrated for your skin.

Remember that you can not wash off the acid composition with water - you risk burning your skin. Glycolic acid must first be neutralized with a special liquid and only then thoroughly wash the face with water. Very gently pat the water with a soft napkin and apply a soothing mask for a quarter of an hour to slightly nourish the cleansed skin. The mask should be removed with cool water, after which it is necessary to get wet face, and then apply a moisturizer with a high protective sun visor.

Glycolic acid peeling can be applied weekly. To refresh your skin is enough to clean your face a couple of times a month. But on the struggle with cosmetic problems will need a course in a few months. It should be noted that it is very undesirable to do this procedure from May to October, when the sun is particularly active.

Care after peeling

The skin after its acid treatment becomes very sensitive and tender, it needs increased protection. Therefore, for several days, it is counter-indicative to walk in the hot sun, visit the sauna, and dense decorative make-up. But it is very desirable at this time to use restoring serums and face creams.


  1. Vera :

    I prefer to peel with glycolic acid at home. Several years ago I went to the salons, but the price tag grows and grows with each season. It is good that we with the cosmetician have dressed girl-friends and she sooo recommended to me Gliko-A peeling of the French manufacture. So now I save money, I'm very grateful that in general I was advised, I thank you so far!

  2. Maria :

    Be sure to protect the skin from the sun during and after peeling. Because the skin becomes thin and pigmented spots may appear. Especially for this I bought a cream with a large spf 50+ Neoton radiant. He protects and prevents the appearance of pigment spots from the sun.

  3. Maria :

    Be sure to protect the skin from the sun during and after peeling. Because the skin becomes thin and pigmented spots may appear. Especially for this I bought a cream with a large spf 50+ Neoton radiant. He protects and prevents the appearance of pigment spots from the sun.

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