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Choose a remedy for wrinkles on the forehead: massage, exercises, masks and compresses

The skin on the forehead is often quite dry, especially compared to other areas of the facial skin. This will be confirmed even by those who are considered to possess fatty and less inclined to the early appearance of wrinkles such as skin. Therefore, horizontal wrinkles can form quite early on the forehead, and lateral scaffold furrows are outlined a little later. Over the years, wrinkles on the forehead deepen to such an extent that attempts to get rid of them by any means other than the use of surgical techniques become unsuccessful. The temporary effect in this case can be achieved by resorting to injections of special drugs.

how to remove wrinkles on forehead

Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead can be formed early enough

The most radical way to remove wrinkles is, of course, a tightening of the forehead skin: what method of performing this operation would not be discussed, in any case a product is supposed to be cut on the skin. The effect is preserved for several years, while the effect of injections is noticeable for six months.

It is also possible to mention several procedures related to non-surgical methods and helping to remove fine wrinkles on the forehead or reduce their depth. It's about microdermabrasion, laser polishing and deep penetrating chemical skin peeling. In all these procedures, the anti-aging effect is achieved by exfoliating the dead skin layer.

Surgical methods, like injections, are expensive and not acceptable for everyone. Many people, knowing how hard it is to remove wrinkles that have already appeared, begin to make efforts after 25 years to prevent wrinkles on the forehead. This approach fully justifies itself. Among effective preventive measures - massage, exercises, masks and compresses.

Applying moderate strength, on the skin of the forehead can be used such methods of acupressure, as stroking, vibration, rubbing, tingling. Movements are recommended to be made in the direction from the near-brow zone to the temples. The effectiveness of massage is enhanced by combining it with rubbing coconut oil forehead or wrinkle cream into the skin.

There are many simple exercises for the muscles of the forehead, which, if performed regularly, can prevent wrinkles. Often they boil down to stretching the skin of the forehead with your fingers. You can, for example, close your eyes and, pulling your brows downward with your fingers, try to lift them with the muscles of your forehead. The exercise should be repeated about ten times. There is such an exercise: elbows rest on the table, and fingers pull the skin of the forehead upward. Similarly exercise and exercise with the pulling of the skin down. While doing such exercises, it is recommended to look in the mirror, so that the fingers do not create undesirable folds on the skin.

In pharmacies and beauty shops, anti-wrinkle agents are realized in the form of creams, masks. But, despite the high cost, they often do not meet expectations and are ineffective. Which is not surprising, since wrinkles on the skin of the forehead require preventive measures and a complex approach, which, apart from the exercises and massage mentioned above, may include the use of folk methods.

Regular vegetable, fruit masks and masks based on egg white or milk are effective preventive remedies for wrinkles on the forehead. Vegetable mask can be obtained by mixing potato and cucumber gruel. To remove this mask you need water, which is added lemon juice. Lemon juice is also added to the mask of egg whites. To make a fruit mask, a porridge of pineapple and papaya will do. Effective mask of such components: grapefruit juice and rice flour. Milk to get a mask mixed with yeast, and cream - with honey and egg yolk. Strengthen the effect of masks can be combined with a compress of mint broth or paraffin.

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