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Onion mask will stop hair loss

Hair care with the help of onions has long been known in the people, even today the onion is quite popular among the means of home cosmetology. To prepare medicinal mixtures in the course and goes dry husks, and green feathers, and juicy bulbs, the plant is rubbed into gruel or squeezed out of it juice. Despite the very unappetizing smell, which is then very difficult to infer, onion masks are very popular with women.

onion hair mask

Onion usually remains the last hope for those suffering from hair loss

The reason for the popularity of onion hair care is probably that onions usually remain the last hope for those suffering from hair loss. It's no secret that salon procedures that help to restore a dense healthy head of hair are not available to everyone. But if with the dullness of the hair most people are ready to put up, then no one wants to put up with a distinct slanting of the hair. And then one recalls old grandmother's recipes of onion masks that can strengthen thinned hair and stop their loss.

Onion was not in vain included in the list of favorite foods with which beauties had long since perfected their appearance. Modern studies of the chemical composition of this miraculous vegetable have shown that there are indeed many biologically active elements in it that are very valuable for hair.

One of the most important onion microelements for hair is zinc, which not only can influence the production of hormones, the excess of which leads to baldness, but also frees the body of free radicals that prevent hair from digesting useful elements. Another valuable element for hair, contained in the plant, is silicon, which strengthens skin and hair cells, which is responsible for the elasticity of keratin scales.

Among other hair elements necessary onion juice contains essential oils, proteins, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins PP, C, E, B-group. All these substances prevent the appearance of dandruff and the development of seborrhea, strengthen the hair follicles and stimulate the work of capillaries, which carry nutritional components to the hair, give elasticity to the hair shaft and help to forget about fragile tips.

The most effective option for hair care with the help of onions are masks, which include onion juice. Those who wish can use crushed onions and scales - the strength of the action will be the same as that of the juice, but the smell on the hair will remain stronger. The fact is that damaged hair, which needs strengthening and restoration, usually have a loose structure and instantly absorb any odor. A onion gruel retains small particles of this fragrant vegetable, which is extremely difficult to wash out of hair. Juice of onion is usually squeezed with gauze from a chopped onion. It can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, pouring a little to prepare the mixture and adding various ingredients useful to the hair.

Among the most popular onion masks are:
- strengthens and makes hair thicker - with honey, yolk and burdock oil;
- gives shine - with cognac;
- get rid of excess fat content - with yogurt;
- gives silkiness - with sea-buckthorn or castor oil;
- accelerates growth - with lemon, carrots, dry yeast and burdock oil;
- stop the fallout - with avocado oil or wheat germ; Another option - with garlic, cognac, yolk, burdock and rosemary oil;
- removes dandruff - with vodka and castor oil;
- prevents brittleness - with yolk, aloe juice, honey;
- moisturizes - with yolk, castor oil and honey;
- vitaminizes and thickens - with ylang-ylang oil, lemon juice, pharmacy vitamin A, yolk, burdock oil.

Mask with onions should be gently rubbed, not too zealous, at the very roots of the hair, then cover your head with a film, wrap it with a thick towel to keep the heat and not take about an hour. The benefit of such care will be noticeable if you apply the mask after a day or two for about a month and a half, and then repeat it for prophylaxis on a weekly basis.

Wash off the onion masks long and thoroughly. By the way, in warm water it is recommended to squeeze a little lemon juice or to drip apple cider vinegar - this will help to cope with the smell. After washing, pamper on the hair with a balm, drop a little oil of ylang-ylang, cedar or lavender - then there will be no unpleasant smell at all.

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