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Mom's emotions. How to help yourself

Joy of motherhood quite often alternates with attacks of emaciated state. Of course, the pleasure of contemplation, touching, sharing pastime and many other things that are no less significant in the life of every mother, moment, are energetic feeding of a woman and elements of her boundless happiness. But, along with such positive moments, many women experience frustration, anxiety, anxiety, pain, fear and even guilt. Such "negative" emotions, from the point of view of the imposed value system, strongly oppress and cause an even greater sense of guilt for their misconduct. All this turns life into a vicious circle, which many are not able to sever themselves.

Fatigue and consequences.

Emotional disruption , repeated with an enviable regularity, provoke narrowing of the living space . Considering that mothers of small children do not have free time for themselves and spend almost all the time in four walls together with the baby, for short periods of time getting with the baby for walks, the situation is aggravated every day. The conscious choice of a 24-hour presence next to the child, dictated by better motivations and natural instincts, can do a disservice, exaggerating the mother's expectations and exacerbating internal inhibitions.


Doubt in yourself.

In order to understand the primary source of the negative and to find the most convenient way of recovery for yourself, you should not only familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced mothers, but also turn to the full list of sensations. Regardless of the availability and number of children, all we are constantly experiencing Weight different emotions . Among the companions of man are dozens of feelings, such as apathy, impotence, gratitude, disgust, inspiration, ecstasy, excitement, confidence, confusion, vexation, pity, impatience, fear, indifference, surprise, rage, passion, boredom and other, completely natural reactions On all sorts of events.
Before trying to remedy the situation and change the way of life, it is worth paying close attention to their manifestations and afford to experience different feelings . Mom can be angry, curse and resent, as well as rejoice, admire. The golden mean is just to avoid hovering in one state and learn to switch smoothly and quickly enough.
Undoubtedly, various factors affect the status of women, but in most cases these are personal problems in the family and with loved ones, low self-esteem, unsolved problems and professional failures. In detail, each situation should be disassembled in detail, and in general recommendations for improving the mood always concern only a few stages:
- it is important to learn to forgive yourself for mistakes and ask forgiveness from relatives for their behavior;
- to enforce the accounting of time and affairs, in order to learn to free the free minutes for yourself;
- begin to analyze the causes of the occurrence of certain sensations;
- gain courage and seek help from specialists, if you can not understand the rebuses yourself.

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