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Honey mask will strengthen hair and give them a magical fragrance

To honey as a cosmetic means for hair, most women developed an ambivalent attitude. On the one hand, it is sticky and sweet, it is difficult to apply to hair and even harder to wash off later. The other side is more important - in fact there is hardly anyone among us who has not heard about the huge amount of useful and very active elements contained in honey. And one more argument in favor of this product - after the honey mask hair smells just magically!

hair mask with honey

Honey contains a huge number of elements that have a beneficial effect on hair

Honey Benefit

The aroma of honey, which absorbs into the hair and gives them a delicate, slightly floral, sweetish smell, depends on the essential oils contained in the product. These oils fall into honey with nectar collected by bees on flowers, and give the product a special fragrance.

Of course, the aroma is not the main value and benefit that honey brings to the hair. Much more important are the amino acids, enzymes, minerals, a long list of vitamins most important for human beings - and all these substances are contained in such easily digestible forms that are freely and happily perceived by the body.

The use of masks with honey to care for hair is useful both for the strength of the hair shafts themselves and for the health of the scalp. For this reason, masks produce such a noticeable effect.

Getting on the head, the mask with honey begins:
- strengthen the cells of the hair bulb;
- stimulate the work of capillaries supplying the follicles with oxygen;
- supply the hair follicle with active nutrients and accelerate hair growth;
- cleanse the skin of seborrhea and slightly disinfect it;
- to soften and moisturize the scalp, why dandruff disappears.

Distributed along the entire length of the curls, honey mask:
- strengthens the keratinous scales of the hair;
- nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft;
- moisturizes the hair and gives it firmness;
- gives the hair smoothness, density and shine;
- slightly lightens the hairstyle due to the content of a large number of different natural acids.

Honey masks for every taste

To make a mask, the honey used should be slightly warmed up so that it mixes with other ingredients more easily and is absorbed into the skin. To accentuate and strengthen the active properties of honey will help add home products to it. So, take a warm honey and gently mix it with these components:

- for elasticity of hair - aloe juice;
- from fatty hair - two boiled yolks and yogurt;
- to strengthen and shine - the juice of grated and squeezed lemon;
- from dandruff - infusion of chamomile flowers or lemon balm leaves; Another option - whey, propolis extract, St. John's wort oil,
- from falling out - cognac, raw yolk and olive oil; Another option - whipped protein, lemon juice, chamomile broth, rosemary oil;
- on dryness - onion juice and burdock oil;
- for food - mustard powder, kefir, raw yolk, almond oil, rosemary oil;
- for clarification - a little water, olive oil and cinnamon;
- for the laminating effect - gelatin dissolved in warm water.

Terms of use

Honey mask thoroughly mixed, trying to turn the mixture into a kind of mayonnaise in consistency. After applying the gruel for the mask gently and without haste, rub evenly into the skin on the head, then distribute the mass for the entire length of the hair and warm the head with a rubber or cellophane cap and a soft warm towel. A mask for lightening, nourishment or strengthening can be held on the hair for a couple of hours or even risk and leave it for the night, but it usually happens enough to be like a honey mixture on the hair for about half an hour. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water with a mild shampoo. It is recommended to add a little lemon juice to the water for washing the head, so that honey is washed off more effectively. To treat problem hair, a honey mask can be done daily for ten days, and then repeated for prevention about once a week.

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