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The first signs of a micro-stroke are easily overlooked

Everyone knows about a disease like a microstroke, but few people suspect that this problem has long touched him. This disease is old as the world, it used to be more often than not the older generation, but today the disease is getting younger, so it's a misconception that the microinsult is only the lot of old people. Today with certainty it can be said that the first signs of the disease are manifested in every tenth to 40 years. A person who pays little attention to their health, unfortunately, can simply ignore his symptoms, which is fraught with serious consequences that after a while can make themselves felt.


Micro-insult occurs as a result of impaired brain blood flow

What is a micro-insult

This disease is very common in our time and is characterized by a violation of the blood flow of the brain and later becomes the cause of the death of vital cells in the place of origin of spasm of the blood vessel. It is the spasms of the cerebral vessels that are the main cause of a disease, such as a microstroke. The lesion region partially loses its functional abilities due to disruption of the activity of the nerve endings of the brain, this condition is completely reversible in the provision of rapid medical care to the patient.

Consequences, in turn, are not so serious in comparison with a stroke, but the very fact of the origin of the disease indicates violations of the entire functional system of the brain or the circulatory system, which in the future can cause a stroke or myocardial infarction.

Symptoms and consequences of micro-stroke

The micro-insult is an indicator of deeply lying pathological processes, atherosclerosis and can subsequently lead to a real stroke. Approximately 25% of people who have suffered an impaired circulatory condition receive a second stroke within five years, and 20% suffer a myocardial infarction. Consequently, the coming impairment of cerebral circulation is a harbinger of future trouble.

People often do not notice the microstroke, they can go to work, do their own things. Headache, at some point lost sight, a person does not even focus on this. What should make everyone think about the time to go to the doctor, what are the signs of a stroke?

If there has already been a microstroke, the symptoms of which are pronounced and negative dynamics, it is imperative to call a doctor and do everything necessary to stop the attack at an early stage and prevent the development of negative consequences for health and life-threatening consequences.

micro-insult signs

The affected area partially loses its functional abilities due to disruption of the activity of the nerve endings of the brain

People who have been around during a disaster, or the victim himself, often do not know how to act in a situation where the illness has already occurred, or do not know about the symptoms that accompany it, so first aid is often wrong Or not at all. In order to properly provide first aid for stroke, you just need to know the symptoms of the disease and understand the specificity of the disease.

It should be understood that a microinsult can occur against the background of general health, and the nature of its manifestation, in turn, can tell a very great deal to the doctor about the place of brain damage. Damage to different hemispheres of the brain is accompanied by distinctive symptoms, by which it is possible to determine the degree of damage to the nerve endings and the entire brain in general.

The main symptoms of micro-stroke.

• The first manifestations of micro-stroke are very often accompanied by dizziness and headache, which is not removed by most drugs or is often repeated throughout the day. The patient feels weakness, exhaustion, as well as mild nausea.
• High blood pressure often accompanies this disease and often provokes it. With increased pressure, the patient feels a general malaise, pressing pain in the head, and in some cases, the heart. Breathing is often rapid, with a violation of the rhythm of the heart.
• Explicit changes in the coordination of movements are one of the symptoms of a micro-stroke. The process of damaging the nerve endings of the brain, of course, is accompanied by a dysfunction of the entire vestibular apparatus, which can cause strange staggering or falling on the part of the patient.
• A patient may experience chills or sweating, or both.
• The feeling of a "tearing" body can be present with a micro stroke and spread to the head and limbs. This condition is a very important symptom, which must necessarily be paid attention, as it indicates obvious pathologies in the cerebral cortex and the onset of such a serious disease as a stroke.
• Stroke often affects the face muscles, which, under the influence of increased pressure and other overloads, begin to decrease intensively, unconsciously changing the facial expression of the victim. As a result, there may be involuntary grimaces on the part of the victim or pulling sensations, accompanied by multiple spasms of muscles.
• Photophobia also characterizes this ailment, especially when it appears in combination with other symptoms.
• Vomiting is also possible, especially at very high pressures.
• A victim of a micro stroke may lose consciousness and lose memory partially, the latter usually often returns within a few days, except in more severe cases.
• There may be problems with speech, mental abilities. It is difficult for a person to talk, he can not perform elementary functions with his hands, write, eat, obvious symptoms of brain damage. Reading books, watching TV shows becomes impossible for the victim, as the level of logical thinking decreases, and the patient ceases to understand the essence of what is happening.
• Temporary loss of vision and blindness occur very quickly, but usually have a short-term effect. The general negative state of the patient is further aggravated by this factor, further frightens the patient and can worsen the state to the critical state in the shortest possible time. In this case, you need to use sedatives, which will help to deal with the victim with the emerging emotionally unstable situation.

micro-insult pressure

High blood pressure often causes a microstroke

The microinsult of the brain is a serious disease that can occur in some circumstances even in children. To such circumstances it is possible to carry excessive emotional and physical overloads, most often arising with a sedentary lifestyle against a background of malnutrition. Children of this type have a high risk of getting such a disease as a microstroke, the consequences of which can be corrected only in cases of first aid on time.

But still more often you can see the manifestations of this disease in adults. The symptoms of a micro-stroke in women are also manifested as intensively as in men. The main causes of the disease have a different nature and appear against the background of general health or due to already acquired diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

The micro-insult, the consequences of which, unfortunately, are very sad, has at the initial stages of education quite minor manifestations, to which most do not pay attention. A person continues to lead an active lifestyle, go to work, while he carries two, three, and sometimes more strokes on his legs. This disease is rather insidious, because it is not accompanied at first with vivid pain sensations, which can force to consult a doctor. Its manifestations can be both sluggish and intense, it all depends on the degree of brain damage and the number of concomitant diseases, especially in the cardiovascular system.

Signs of a micro-stroke in men can be more pronounced, for the reason that it is the male representatives who are more prone to bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol. It is they who most often have to perform the most difficult household work, that in some cases, especially in combination with advanced age, can become an indisputable cause of micro-stroke. Recovery after a micro stroke can take some time, for which, of course, need medical care and properly selected by the doctor complex treatment.

The micro-insult is the first bell about problems in the body and the need to think about your own health. The consequences of the disease can lead to severe complications, such as complete or partial paralysis of the human body, dementia, speech disorder, loss of vision, memory, and often ends in the patient's death.

Symptoms of disease

If you admit that you have encountered such a disease as a microstroke, you need to know its main signs that will help you not to confuse this disease with any other.

1. First, ask the patient to smile. The smile at the micro stroke turns tense or curved, the tongue often disappears aside from the spasms.
2. You need to offer the patient to hold their hands in front of him for ten seconds. With a micro stroke in the progressing state of the diseased muscle, when you try to lift them, they become weaker, and it's simply impossible to do it.
3. Talk to the injured, a very frequent sign of a micro-stroke is precisely speech disturbance and misperceptions of the surrounding world.

If a person finds it very difficult to do one of the above, or if he can not do it at all, you should always seek medical help in the shortest possible lines.

MRI diagnostics

Deep diagnosis of MRI will help to diagnose correctly

First aid before the arrival of a doctor. It is necessary to lay the patient, turn his head to one side, ensure a normal flow of oxygen into the body (open the windows, unbutton the clothes on the patient so that it does not interfere with breathing normally). The head of the victim with suspicion of a stroke should be covered with a wet towel or ice, previously placed in sealed bags. Such tactics for the time will stop the development of negative processes in the brain.

The injured person must not be moved at all until the arrival of doctors. Monitor the heart rhythm, breathing and blood pressure of the affected person. Be sure to know that timely assistance within six hours after the manifestation of the first symptoms not only can save a person's life, but also will guarantee his continued ability to work.

Treatment of micro-stroke

In details of treatment of micro strokes to go into people who do not have medical education and experience in the treatment of such diseases, of course, it is not worth it. For an ordinary person it will be enough to simply understand the very mechanism of rehabilitation with a micro stroke, and leave the appointment of a comprehensive anti-stroke therapy to specialists, especially since this type of treatment is prescribed on the basis of individual human indices.

The treatment of strokes, in turn, has a focus on preventing blood clots and restoring normal circulation in the nerve tissues. This ailment causes damage to the nerve cells of the brain, which later die and cause insufficient circulation of the circulatory system and the whole organism as a whole. The general correct vital activity of the person which can even provoke an aggravation of other chronic diseases is broken. Therefore, to engage in self-medication in a situation where at least one of the main symptoms of a micro-stroke is obvious is categorically forbidden. Even the slightest delay in such situations can significantly change your life or the life of another person not for the better.

In the treatment of micro-stroke, the doctor is guided only by the patient's clinical indicators, in no way by sexual signs. Although the people have a fairly common misconception that the micro-stroke is more exposed to the representatives of the male sex. Signs of micro-stroke in women are found as often as in the opposite sex, although it is worth noting that the symptoms of micro-stroke in men usually occur in a more pronounced form due to worsening of the state of bad habits.

In any case, even the most experienced neurologist will not be able to make an accurate diagnosis only on the basis of external manifestations, for this, a deeper diagnosis of MRI is used. With the help of magnetic resonance imaging with minute details, it is possible to determine even minor deviations when the nervous system of the brain changes. This examination will help to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective complex therapy for you.

Prophylaxis of the disease

micro-insult prophylaxis

Regular physical exertion is beneficial for the condition of not only the muscles, but also the walls of the vessels

Taking medicine is not the only way to prevent strokes. Of great importance is the correction of risk factors, which include:
• arterial hypertension;
• cardiovascular disease;
• diabetes mellitus;
• obesity;
• improper power;
• hypercholesterolemia;
• hypokinesia;
• insufficient physical activity;
• bad habits.

What are the practical steps to take to find out whether you are exposed to a risk factor or not? How, in turn, make their impact minimal on the human body?

• If you have cardiovascular disease, important indicators such as pulse and blood pressure need to be monitored twice a day, it is recommended that even the results be recorded in a special magazine. To do this, there are special devices - tonometers, which you can buy in a regular pharmacy. In the case of a pressure index higher than 140/90, you should always seek medical help from a doctor to prevent complications.

• People with diabetes should control sugar levels. If it exceeds the norm, it will not hurt to consult an endocrinologist. It should be understood that patients who have such a risk factor are most often subjected to strokes and micro stroke, their symptoms are more pronounced and often end in a fatal outcome.

• Weight control is an important factor on the way to the proper prevention of micro strokes. Excess weight is the cause of many failures from the cardiovascular system or simply provokes critical states of the whole organism as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to normalize a person's weight, since it directly becomes a fertile soil for a stroke. Medical diets, dietitian advice, sports will help you cope with this problem, if you want, of course.

• Elevated cholesterol levels, as is known, can also trigger the occurrence of micro-strokes and must be controlled by a doctor on the basis of a survey, a lipidogram. This ailment is directly related to the occurrence of micro strokes. Cholesterol plaques narrow the flow of blood through the vessels, thereby increasing blood pressure and disrupting the blood flow in the entire circulatory system.

• People who lead a passive lifestyle do not move much, spend most of their time near the TV, walk a little outdoors, are more likely to suffer strokes. It must be remembered that regular physical loads have a beneficial effect on the condition of not only the muscles, but also the walls of the vessels, and also saturate the body with oxygen. Thus, the body creates favorable conditions for normal life activity and reduces the risk of stroke.

microinsult folk remedies

Infusions of pine needles with lemon juice perfectly restore the vessels

• Harmful habits also cause frequent strokes. Of course, the harmful effects of nicotine, of course, can not be argued, its toxic effects lead to exactly the symptoms that in a few seconds can develop into a micro-insult. Such symptoms can include: increased blood pressure, rapid pulse, general intoxication of the body, etc.

• The doctors say a lot about the dangers of alcohol. Some argue that a small amount of alcohol per day can prevent the development of atherosclerosis and reduce the viscosity of the blood, which, in turn, is a kind of anti-stroke prevention. Others argue that alcohol at any dose has a toxic effect on the muscle of the myocardium and the brain itself. In any case, do not tempt destiny and abuse either one or the other. Bad habits - this is just a way of life that you can change yourself, so even so that there are no threats to your health.

Folk methods of treatment of micro-stroke

For the treatment of diseases people choose different ways, some go to the pharmacy and buy pills, others are treated with herbs and various infusions. It can not be said that alternative medicine has very much succeeded in treating micro strokes, but in its assortment there are quite a lot of effective drugs that are successfully used in complex treatment with basic medicamental therapy. Such folk remedies have a milder effect on the human body, and are therefore ideally suited for preventive purposes during post-stroke rehabilitation.

Teas and decoctions of medicinal herbs and berries help to cope with this disease. For this purpose: flowers of chamomile, motherwort, flowers and fruits of hawthorn, mint, valerian root, plantain, dog rose, birch leaves, golden mustache. Infusions of pine needles with lemon juice perfectly restore the vessels, and a compress of lemon juice will help relieve the headache. Baths from the sage broth improve the general condition after a micro stroke.


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