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The onset of diabetes mellitus can be stopped

As a child, parents warned us not to eat a lot of sugar and different sweets, otherwise, they said, we risk getting diabetes. We, of course, evoked this irony because we were sure that there are no incurable diseases from chocolates and cookies. However, doctors believe that sweets in large quantities may well provoke diabetes.

the first signs of diabetes

Increased serum glucose is one of the first signs of an illness

Provoking properties of sweets

Another package of cookies, cake or a box of chocolates can be a good comfort in case of stress, autumn melancholy or other life troubles. Of course, adding extra pounds to our figure. But, in addition, sweets can provoke metabolic disorders in the body. Excessive increase in the level of sugar in blood serum causes glucose intolerance, and stress inhibits the production of insulin, responsible for its assimilation. Cells lose the ability to absorb glucose in the right volume for their life, and in humans the first signs of diabetes mellitus - a disease of high glucose in the blood serum.

The first "bells"

Disorders in metabolism affect the overall health of a person and have some very distinct external signs that are rarely noticed or even suggested that they can be associated with diabetes.

A very disturbing sign is a constant drowsiness. Glucose is not absorbed by cells and does not give the body enough energy, so you want to sleep even under normal sleep and rest. Often, a person's temperature is below normal.

A disturbed metabolism causes hair to become thinner, weaker, and fall out. The weeks heal even minor wounds and scrapes on the skin. Almost all patients with diabetes recall that they were very annoyed by the itching of the palms, feet and mucous membranes, including in the perineum, they even had to go to the gynecologist or dermatologist to find out the nature of these unpleasant manifestations. And the cause of trouble was diabetes. Because of it, the skin can manifest non-healing inflammation, which can not be treated well, only a little to alleviate their condition.

At the first manifestations of diabetes, a person often complains of causeless dizziness and general weakness, he can not overcome even the most simple respiratory infections for a long time, feels heaviness in the legs, a slight numbness, and sometimes a tingling - due to the fact that the muscles begin Lack glucose, because it is poorly absorbed by cells.

When to have tests

The body quickly becomes deficient in glucose by splitting adipose tissue, so at the initial stage of diabetes, a person loses very quickly and strongly in weight, losing weight against the backdrop of a strong appetite and indomitable absorption of calorie buns. Cages fail to break down glucose, and they constantly give the body signals of hunger, leading a person to exhaustion among the sheer abundance of food. In this case, a large amount of acetone is released, which is found in urine.

Another sign of the approaching diabetes is incessant dryness in the mouth, an endless thirst, when one wants to drink in the cold and in the heat. Absorption of water and juices is combined with frequent and profuse urge to run to the toilet, especially at night. Undivided glucose increases the pressure of the fluid in the bladder, and the water-salt balance is disturbed in the blood, so the patient always wants to drink something, and then quickly go to the toilet.

Developing diabetes mellitus causes problems with the retina of the eye, because of which a person begins to feel a whitish shroud before his eyes and dryness, as if sand has got into his eyes.

Having noticed the signs listed above, it is first of all necessary to contact an endocrinologist and take tests to determine the level of glucose and other important parameters in the blood (and necessarily in the urine) for diagnosis.

How to prevent and slow the ailment

It often happens that a person in a timely fashion has suddenly asked to see a doctor with his ailments, and by analysis he is determined by the state of pre-diabetes. This means that his blood is elevated, but not critical. The content of glucose and its condition can go to diabetes, but not necessarily - the disease may not manifest itself. In 70% of cases, the onset of diabetes can be stopped, if you adjust the diet in favor of fruit and vegetable ingredients in the menu, reduce weight and increase physical activity.

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