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Weakened immunity promotes the appearance of jaunts in the corners of the lips

Occurrence of seizures, characteristic cracks of the skin near the mucous corners of the mouth, can bring a lot of inconvenience: to impede facial expressions, to give a feeling of discomfort after eating, during conversation. Therefore, without waiting for an independent disappearance of the manifestations of the disease, it is better to make little effort and contribute to recovery.

how to cure snails at the corners of the lips

The appearance of characteristic cracks on the skin near the mucous corners of the mouth can bring a lot of inconvenience

Occurrence of snails is a disease and even has a medical name - angulitis. A dentist or dermatologist, after receiving the results of an appropriate analysis (scrapings), can prescribe the necessary therapy, usually in the form of solutions and ointments of antimicrobial action, since seizures arise when the vital activity of streptococci or fungi of the Candida genus is activated. Most often, doctors prescribe nystatin, tetracycline ointment or ointment "Levomekol."

If the result of the blood test indicates anemia, and the general condition of the skin is unfavorable (there is peeling, irritation), it is most likely that you will not be able to get rid of sneezes until the deficiency of vitamins and other useful elements in the body is eliminated. To do this, you need to take vitamin therapy and then monitor your diet. The daily diet should be complete and include nuts, legumes, bran, fish, cheese, avocados, leafy vegetables, eggs, vegetable oil, oatmeal and unpolished rice. These products need to replace hot, salty foods and sweets.

Continuing the theme of nutrition, it is important to note that food that is rich in vitamin B2, iron and zinc plays a key role in helping to get rid of snacks. In addition to the products already mentioned, you need to use brewer's yeast, beef, liver, asparagus, parsley, pomegranates, seafood. It is also necessary to make sure that the disorders in the functioning of the digestive tract do not interfere with the process of assimilation from the food of the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

One should not forget about oral hygiene or aggravate the problem with smoking. In addition, it is worthwhile to treat all dental caries at the dentist. And, of course, do not allow the fall of immunity, because reduced immunity is a favorable factor for the development of zaed.

There are a sufficient number of drugs that can facilitate and cure seizures. For example, advise corners of the mouth to lubricate solutions of vitamins A, E, goose fat, sour cream, petroleum jelly and suitable oils: olive, linseed, sea-buckthorn. A mixture of beer, marigold and butter is considered an effective ointment against snacks. A beeswax is a remedy recommended for cure for children.

With oils or with broths and infusions of herbs, you can do ten-minute lotions on the affected places. In addition to these oils, tea tree oil, dog rose, bark of oak bark, alder cones, calendula broth, sage, turns, chamomile are suitable. Astringent brew from the bark of oak is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of bark pour 400 ml of boiling water and about 6 hours insist, then filter. A cone of alder in the amount of a tablespoon filled with a glass of boiling water insist for about an hour.

Propolis can be used for lotions. It is recommended to apply aloe vera or calanchoe juice, jelly from plantain, cucumber slices or cucumber slice.

You can apply garlic paste for a short time to the affected areas, and apply a mixture of honey and butter before going to bed. Healing effect has a mask for lips: from grated apples and butter or from cottage cheese and carrot juice. Apples for such a mask can be welded in milk and mashed.

If a microtrauma of the lips has occurred, it is better to immediately process the place with the listed means in order to prevent the appearance of jams in its place. Especially hard can be cured treatment of children who are liable to lick, bite their lips, forgetting about oral hygiene.

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