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Parent Values ​​System

Each has its own value system. Sometimes it changes depends on life situations. Sometimes, close people impose their values. Priorities can change over time, can be rearranged in places with the appearance of a close person, children. Whatever it was, it is important to determine for yourself the correct hierarchy of priorities and try to live in accordance with these rules.
What gives such an orientation to values? First of all, orderliness of affairs and purposeful movement. The following certain criteria, it is easier to solve everyday problems and build relationships with others. In accordance with its priority scale, it's easier to allocate time and resources. In addition, a correct and thoughtful system will visually demonstrate the existing gaps, having patched up, you can qualitatively improve your life.

Due to certain moral attitudes and a rich past, many of us have an honorable first place for relatives or children. If you think about and analyze the lives of most women, you will find a depressing pattern. Career, children, beloved man, parents and many other goals are usually on the list of the most important. Their interests and attention to their own desires and, of course, to health and, indeed, to the body, either reduce to a minimum, or emerge as episodes. Such an ignorant attitude towards one's own life and sincere desires generates a serious distortion of the destined way.

Having carried out the analysis and a number of comparisons, it is possible to single out a conditionally best, most effective and efficient value system, oriented to a modern, satisfied and happy woman. Such a list will include:
1. Orientation to YOURSELF and your interests.
2. Creation and support of the energy field of love.
3. Caring for children.
4. Memory of its kind
(force of family and ancestors).
5. Self-realization.

Pay attention to the order of values. They are built in such a sequence. And very consciously turning to SELF stands on the first, seemingly so selfish, place. It is important to understand that by allocating time for yourself, personal rest and interests, self-development and caring for the body. It's not about narcissism and the looping on the aunt one. Everything is much simpler. It is necessary to consciously allocate time to yourself and in a reasonable framework to put your interests on top of interests of other people (parents, leaders, children, friends, etc.), then the quality of life will inevitably change. Globally it is displayed at work, daily routine, family involvement, relationships with loved ones.

The creation of the energy field of love, as the second point of the scale of values. All couples want to advise, not only to maintain relations, but also to increase sincere feelings. Joint life requires a constant presence and should not be allowed to run. Pay attention to each other and then the invariably fueled field of love.
Most often, the point about feelings, even from a potential list, is generally deleted by anyone who is familiar with the drama of a divorce process or who is badly burned in a relationship. The desire to close, to hide behind children, work and various hobbies. People fearfully close themselves before the opportunity to find simple, human happiness. Of course, no matter how painful in the past, you do not need to transfer fears to the present. Open up for new feelings, take a breath of fresh air.

Caring for children, which most mothers have in the first place, is listed in this list only in the third position. Note, before the children there are no jobs and career rates, as, for example, with modern business ladies. This arrangement of priorities is very important for the harmonious development of the individual. Children, like the treasures that have come to your life, will be there only for a certain time. And the work is given only to meet their own ambitions and achieve a certain material level. Naturally, in this triad, the maximum should be directed at oneself, then with the children and with the work.

The power of the family is important. She protects children and gives constant recharge. It's not even about the wisdom or wisdom of our ancestors. It is about the strength of the will, about the life of the patrimonial field. All those relatives who stand behind your family, and the child has twice as many of you, because there are close relatives on the part of the father and mother, give a colossal power of generations. In this you can not believe, but it is necessary to know. Turn sometimes to your relatives.

Ideally, self-realization involves moving where you want. It's not always work and career. It can be a motherhood or a hobby. Of course, in men it is often a career, because this is the original purpose of every member of the stronger sex. Women can have options, but definitely this should be the place where you will have the joy of personal success and achievements.
By the way, if we talk about harmony, the right resource condition and the possibility of effective assistance. So that the arrangement of own values, taking into account the recommendations and the described scheme, can be the first step on the way of establishing life and building all elements of a prosperous life.
I want to remind you that life is not a draft, and it's often impossible to live.

Based on the materials of Ekaterina Alekseeva.

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