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Positive morning form YOU

The first rays of the rising sun, the singing of birds, fresh air in the half-open window, the aroma of cooked coffee and the smile of loved ones - this morning draws fantasy and, approximately this morning format, illustrates the cinema. Desired images of beautiful, neat, very well-groomed heroines languidly crawling out of bed and plowing the widest window with a view of the beautiful distances - is not it an example for imitation?
Of course, life is different. Of course, not all of the revival includes at least one of the listed items, but to strive for the desired is always necessary.


As a mother of two children, I have an idea of ​​different awakenings. Dawns met me after sleepless nights, visiting, in trains and planes, in foreign cities and in my home, in hospitals and at the magical, holiday sea. For ten years there were many different, but, after hundreds of attempts and dozens of variations, the morning ceremony still managed to make the most comfortable. And now, my "perfect morning" is always welcome.

If you follow the principle: "If you want to do well, do it yourself," preparation for a perfect morning awakening should be done the night before. What it would be desirable to recommend? First of all, organize on the main points, regarding food, things for children, your wardrobe and time. In order for everything to go smoothly, it's better to expect minutes for certain actions with a little gap. And now in order. In the evening, you can:
1) think through the menu and partially prepare the dishes if you require workpieces (we, dairy lovers, eat porridge and drink tea, so check only the presence of all the ingredients);
2) prepare clothes for children (even if it's not clear what the weather will be, it's easier to put several sets aside than to rummage around the cupboards in the morning and find the desired blouse "in the washroom");
3) gather children things in the kindergarten, school (this includes replacement clothing, if necessary, toys, exercise books, textbooks and then on an individual list).
Own clothes, handbag and other important things necessary for the intended purposes, it is also easier to gather in the evening.

The schedule, this is not less important point of a normal morning, without fuss and running around. The calculated time and an additional gap of 10 minutes give tremendous results. Of course, in each family their own rules and habits, but to improve the morning schedule, you can change some points. To ensure that the day was successful, it began with joy and a pleasant tea-drinking, I achieved my own desires by making numerous adjustments to almost automatic actions.
If you get up half an hour before the kids wake up, you can devote yourself a quarter of an hour to stay in the bathroom (do not rinse your face and put the hair in a bundle, but get your hair done and get ready until half finished), and then make breakfast. If you go out with children at the same time, you need to get up early. If you have pets that require care and a walk, the time will shift for another thirty minutes. When one child or elder in the family can already perform part of the procedures on their own, the time for guardianship of each person will be significantly reduced.
Important point! To monitor the time, place in the kitchen clock or carry a mobile (as I do). To children are accustomed to the order, periodically voice them the time remaining until the moment of exit (in minutes). After a few weeks, they will "feel" the meaning of seven and two minutes, learn to count personal time, will not run after the toy, standing in one shoe or brushing their teeth in a coat.

And yes! The most important thing!!! In this fabulous order and pleasant emotions, you can allocate yourself an additional five minutes to open the window, inhale the fresh scent of the awakening city, smile the sky and make coffee...

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