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Preventing pruritus in pregnant women is possible even at the stage of child planning

Skin and mucous membranes of a person are very sensitive to changes, is it any wonder that during pregnancy, they can have different reactions, including itching.

For the whole nine months in the body of a woman, various rearrangements take place: the predominance of some hormones is replaced by an increased production of others, immunity decreases. All this can quite provoke unpleasant manifestations in the form of itching.

itching during pregnancy

Itching in pregnant women can be a consequence of a lack of vitamins

Considering the natural weakening of the protective system of a woman's body for the period of pregnancy and the associated increase in the risk of developing infectious diseases, when itching occurs, instead of self-medication, the doctor's consultation is first of all necessary.

After the examination, based on the results of the tests, the specialist will be able to diagnose (or eliminate) infectious diseases, dangerous for a woman and a fetus, that is, to clarify what the itching sensation is associated with.

If the pregnant woman complains of the itching in the vagina, the reason is most likely in the change in the microflora of the mucous of the genitals. But itching can also be one of the manifestations of candidiasis, herpes, chlamydia, or other infectious diseases of the genitals. If the cause is in the ailment, the doctor will prescribe the means to relieve the inflammation (most often in the form of vaginal tablets or candles), relieve the itching, and relieve burning. But most drugs intended for internal reception are contraindicated in pregnancy.

As a facilitator of itching and inflammatory procedures, pregnant women are shown washing with special solutions, washing with chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, sage, or soda.

Having sex during the treatment period, you need to stop, and later use condoms. Few people know that regular use of daily pads can aggravate the itching in the vagina and even contribute to the development of thrush. This is true also with respect to synthetic linen.

If a pregnant woman complains of itching in the abdomen and chest area, most likely, it is caused by stretching the skin. Changing food preferences of women, and this, too, can provoke unpleasant sensations.

As a rule, the skin on the chest and abdomen is especially itchy during the last trimester of pregnancy. At this time, you need to use softening and moisturizing cosmetics for the skin in the form of creams, balsams, lotions, oils, milk. As in the case of vaginal itching, in this situation it is better to consult a doctor and exclude the possibility of developing infectious skin diseases or relapse chronic.

In recent months, before the birth, the itching of the skin on the abdomen can be accompanied by a rash, redness, peeling, but this does not affect the pregnancy itself, and completely disappears after the birth. For skin manifestations of this kind there is a name - polymorphic dermatosis of pregnant women. Places of occurrence of PDB should be lubricated with cream or ointment. In order not to aggravate the sensation of itchy skin, do not wear things from synthetic materials, do not overdry the skin.

Skin itching in women waiting for the baby, occurs when a deficiency of nutrients. Then it is worth discussing with a doctor the possibility of carrying out vitamin therapy. It should be remembered that the vitamins shown for admission during the first trimester may be prohibited during the last three months of pregnancy.

If a woman has chronic liver disease before her pregnancy, GI or diabetes, the cause of the itch may be this. To prevent the appearance of pruritus during pregnancy, you can still during its planning - by treating sexually transmitted diseases and by carrying out a full-fledged vitamin therapy.

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