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The best method in fighting worms is the food that kills them

The worms themselves are the worst enemies of a person who harm his health. These are parasites that live in our body and feed on what we eat, taking away many useful substances from us. At the same time they cause various diseases and quite often even chronic ones. Therefore, it is better not to allow the invasion (infection with worms), than to get rid of it later. It should be noted that this disease affects young children, as well as adults and the elderly.

Worm prevention

Worms are most often seen in small children

It's very easy to get infected with worms, but this happens often with underestimated immunity, and there are a lot of ways of penetrating the parasites into the human body. Here are the main ways of infection:
- from another person who can be infected with worms or be a carrier of parasites - in the latter case the disease often occurs asymptomatically;
- unwashed vegetables, fruits and berries, poor-quality food of animal origin (raw seafood, salted fish, sushi, etc.);
- dirty hands;
- swimming in a pond, pond or river;
- from flies and other insects, because they can carry the eggs of worms to food;
- from pets.

It should be noted that, in addition to the above factors, it is still possible to get parasites on contact in public places (in a bus, cafe, shop). For infection, just touch the handle of the door, on which there may be eggs of worms, and then with unwashed hands eat something. After all, the main way to get parasites into the body is through food.

Sources of infection in children can often be sandboxes and dirty toys. And also for the smallest is the threat that they taste everything. Also preschoolers and schoolchildren often have a habit of gnawing their nails, and under them a lot of dirt accumulates, and there may also be eggs of parasites.

Worms in childhood are very common. The fact is that in the young organism there are no defenses yet formed that can resist invasion. The incidence rate in children reaches 75%. And besides worms can live for years in a child's body (this happens much more often than in adults) and does not always manifest itself. Therefore, it is very important to teach the child to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene, namely - to wash hands after going to the toilet, after the street and contact with the animal, and before eating. Children very often become infected from animals (cats or dogs), therefore it is necessary to do prophylaxis of worms in pets (the necessary preparation will be appointed by the veterinarian). And one should also wean the child to pull everything in his mouth and gnaw his nails. And only this way you can protect yourself from worms.

Worms are most likely to be infected in the summer, especially during a holiday at sea in some hot country. But now there are many antihelminthic drugs, and some of them can be used for prevention. However, the remedy can not be chosen on its own, otherwise you can get a damaged intestinal microflora, an enlarged liver from intoxication, and as a result - indigestion, as well as low immunity. After all, antihelminthic drugs are potent, so they negatively affect our body. Without the advice of a doctor can not do! And it is even better to use folk methods of prevention than to poison yourself with chemistry. But pregnant women are strictly forbidden to use antiparasitic drugs and folk herbal remedies (tinctures, decoctions, etc.).

It is much better to stick to hygiene: it is good to wash fruits, vegetables, berries, as well as hands (always before meals), thoroughly roast meat and fish, do not walk barefoot along the beach or at the cottage in the garden, always wash your feet in the evening. And again: if you really want to eat salted fish or sushi, you should do it only in those places where sanitary norms are met.

The best method to fight worms is food that kills them. Such foods include: garlic, onion, horseradish, red pepper, ginger, walnut, raw seeds and pulp of pumpkin, carrots, mustard, citrus (lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit), pomegranate, banana, coconuts (the best remedy, But we are not always brought to it) and salted herring. And it is not necessary to eat only one garlic, let him and other similar sharp products just enter as ingredients to some dish. It is good to drink natural orange juice, there is also a pomegranate and chew its bones, the same applies to citrus fruits. And with tangerines is useful even their peel, brew it with tea and drink, it is very tasty.

Just remember that you should not get involved with sharp products, because this can lead to damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, so garlic, onions, horseradish, mustard and lemon are contraindicated in certain types of gastritis and colitis.

Vegetable folk remedies. Strong anthelminthic effect has seeds of flax, pumpkin, chestnut, milk thistle, grapes and citrus. They are dried and crushed to form flour (for good digestion by the intestine). Then a pinch of crushed seeds is added to the food or washed down with water. You can give and children.

And among medicinal plants antiparasitic properties are possessed: wormwood, cloves, tansy, buckthorn, sorrel, fennel, thyme, yarrow, St. John's Wort, etc. From them you can prepare tinctures, infusions, decoctions and teas. But you should know that such herbal remedies are very different from medications and are just as potent, so they can not be taken for prevention for a long time. It is recommended to use no more than five to seven days, and sometimes even less. And before using such folk methods, you should consult a doctor.

So, observe the rules of hygiene, be vigilant, eat healthy food, and no parasites will touch you!

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