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Acne: relieve inflammation will help crushed aspirin

A separate pimple, acne, boil - any of these manifestations on the skin indicates an inflammatory process. Usually inflammation is accompanied by redness, and after it passes and healing comes, there is a trace of the damaged skin on the spot of the acne, the so-called post acne - traces of acne, differing in structure and color from the healthy skin around them.

how to remove the redness of the pimple

If you have acne, do not abuse the cosmetics that mask the problem

The easiest way to visually hide the redness of a pimple is to mask it with cosmetic matting and tonal means. But it is better to carry out preliminary procedures aimed at eliminating the cause of inflammation. And after that you can use corrective agents containing anti-inflammatory and drying components. Acquire them better in the pharmacy or in specialized beauty shops, so as not to harm your skin even more, using poor-quality products.

If the appearance of acne and accompanying inflammation, redness from time to time are taken by surprise, it is worth keeping in mind the simple recommendations for eliminating redness. An effective emergency measure is the application to the pimple of an aspirin or vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory drops for the eyes or nose, broken and mixed with water (honey, lotion). To do this, you can use and toothpaste, alcohol. After using the listed products, do not forget to apply moisturizing cream.

And, perhaps, the most famous remedy is the rubbing of the reddened place with ice cubes. It can be either ordinary frozen water, or frozen herbal decoctions (marigolds, oak bark, chamomile).

A little more time and effort will require the preparation of special masks that promote skin regeneration and relieve inflammation. The main component of such masks is often white clay. It is recommended to mix it with oils (mint, flax) and water before use. In a few drops, you can flavor this mixture with lavender, rosemary, tea rose oil. The exposure time of the mask to the skin is half an hour.

A mask is considered effective from taken in equal proportions of ground cinnamon and honey. This remedy is able to surprisingly effectively combat reddish spots after acne. Improves skin condition and sea salt. For daily rinsing of facial skin and lotions, the most suitable option is unflavored sea salt without adding a dye. In addition, for these purposes it is recommended to use not only saline, but also soda solution. By the way, soda gruel is used locally to eliminate redness.

If the appearance of acne causes anxiety quite often, it is worth consulting with a dermatologist. The doctor will help you to get rid of redness preparations in the form of talkers, gels, ointments. Since the use of local effects on the damaged areas of the skin can help eliminate only the external manifestation of the problem, it is worth considering the internal causes of the frequent occurrence of acne. To provoke rashes can diseases of internal organs, including a liver, GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. Hormonal fluctuations in women (most often during menstruation) and adolescents are also contributing to the occurrence of acne factor.

You can remove inflammation spots on the skin in the form of acne and with the help of salon procedures. Often, a dermatologist advises his patients who complain about post-acne, carry out a skin cleansing procedure or chemical peeling in a cosmetic cabinet.

To help the skin cope with the influence of various external factors and stay healthy, it is important to observe sleep and wakefulness, adhere to a balanced diet with the predominance of fresh fruits, vegetables, lactic acid products. And, of course, do not be tempted to use products with preservatives, dyes, other food additives.

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