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Fish peeling: combine business with pleasure

Не так давно косметические салоны начали предлагать своим клиентам новую процедуру, которую называют и фиш-массажем, и рыботерапией, и ихтио-спа, и пилингом рыбками. Главные действующие лица этой процедуры – маленькие тропические рыбки гарра руфа, способные оказывать воздействие на нашу кожу, сравнимое с мягким пилингом.

fish peeling

The effect of small tropical fish garra rufa on human skin is compared with soft peeling

Where does the fish come from?

Garra Rufa are creatures of the genus Carp, ranging in length from 3 to 8 centimeters. They dwell in the waters of warm Middle Eastern seas near the coasts of Turkey, Indonesia. In nature, the role of these fish, according to biologists, is to clean large marine dwellers like whales from organic growths on the body surface. The fish was described by naturalists about 150 years ago. One of the first to learn how to apply it for the care of the human skin of the Turks. In Turkey, in the resort town of Kangal, there is a warm thermal spring with fishes of garra rufa, visiting which patients with psoriasis forget about their skin problems for almost half a year. The Turks consider garra rufa their national treasure and forbid it to be exported. Since 2006, in the European spa salons appeared procedures for peeling fish, brought from Singapore or Indonesia. Today, such peeling is available to us.

How skin cleansing works

In nature, garra rufa feeds on plankton, but dead cells of the epidermis are also suitable for this purpose, which, in fact, cosmeticians used. The fish has a soft round mouth-sucker, which gently and painlessly removes flaky cells from the surface of the skin. In the process of suction, garra rufa isolates special enzymes, which have a very beneficial and healthy effect on the skin of patients with eczema and psoriasis. On healthy skin, these enzymes have an emollient and toning effect. Fish are quite voracious, because they have a very fast metabolism, and therefore actively treat the skin. If you observe the fish, you can see its dense movements along the skin, so it manages not to miss a centimeter of space.

Aquarium for peeling

The spa offers a procedure for fish peeling for hands, separately for the feet, for the hands and feet, as well as for the whole body. With a complete peeling, you sink into the pool, where hundreds of fish swim, in other cases you need to drop your hands and feet into special aquariums. The water in the aquariums is constantly renewed, its temperature is about 30 degrees, so that the garra rufa feels comfortable. In addition, in such warm water, our skin quickly softens, so that the fish more efficiently scraped off dead flakes.

Before starting the procedure, you will be asked to treat the feet with an antiseptic solution, then take a shower with a detergent. Then you need to put on one-off slippers and go to the aquarium, where you should load your feet (or hands). During the exfoliation, you will observe how the fast-moving fish energetically begin to eat the keratinized particles of your skin.

The peeling session lasts from 20 minutes to half an hour, it feels a bit like a strong bubble hydro massage. Fish tickle the skin a little, but they are not capable of damaging it. At the end of the procedure beauticians recommend not to wash your feet for another hour and a half, so that the skin has learned the enzymes released by the fish during the procedure.

According to people who have already managed to appreciate the delights of fish massage, the procedure has an extraordinary relaxing effect. Perhaps this is the result of watching fast-frying fish, or perhaps the effect of fish enzymes, but after the procedure, all customers note a deep healthy sleep.

The skin on the hands after ichthyo- massage becomes tender and smooth, like after an expensive cream. It can be assumed that this effect comes from the fact that fish stimulate their tingling with increased blood circulation and nourish the skin with enzymes. As for the feet, the pronounced effect of the pedicure of the fish will not create - in any case, after only one visit. Perhaps, for this, you need to feed yourself a garra rufa for a couple of weeks.

To whom fish are not good

Fish therapy has some contra-indications. Diving into the pool or aquarium from the garra rufa is not possible for those diagnosed with erythrodermia, lupus erythematosus, any tumor neoplasms. It is not necessary to expose the extremity of fish, if the skin has any damage like wounds, scuffs, scratches. But those who suffer from different skin problems, fish can really help. In addition, recently, doctors recommend several sessions of fish therapy to patients with various neuroses.

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