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Decreasing the amount of liquid you drink, you will not get rid of edema

Swelling of the feet is not only an aesthetic flaw, when you can not shoe your favorite sandals, and once slender legs look fat and shapeless. Edema on the legs of the body signals about violations in his work or even about the development of quite serious diseases.

why swollen feet

Swelling of the legs - a signal about abnormalities in the body

Why there is swelling

The essence of puffiness is that the water begins to circulate badly around the body - the balance of fluid intake and elimination is disturbed. Thus, its excess is collected in tissues, which we can visually observe on the swollen legs or ankles, and sometimes on the soles.

We often complain of swelling in the summer, especially during a very hot weather. And this is not surprising. Firstly, the body emits sweat intensively to cool down, and we are also trying to replenish the cooling water with the same energy. Such a dynamic and voluminous water exchange is not always under the power of the kidneys, and some of the water, not having time to be excreted, accumulates in the tissues of the body.

Secondly, under the influence of intense heat, the vessels expand, their walls stretch, become thinner and begin to flow into the interstitial space. For this reason, edema is especially troubling in the summer of those with varicose veins or weak vascular walls.

The appearance of swelling affects the excess weight, because the fat mass exerts pressure on the tissues and blood vessels. A similar reason causes edema in pregnant women - the circulation of the fluid is disturbed because the ever-increasing fetus squeezes some large vessels in the abdominal cavity.

Swollen feet can inform that in our body everything is not good with the heart and kidneys. In addition, puffiness can be a sign of thrombophlebitis and metabolic disorders, development of diabetes mellitus and internal tumors.

Finally, the "floated" shape of your legs will tell you exactly about some of your bad habits. For example, drinking a lot of liquid just before sleep is not good at all, because the body will not have time to bring it out overnight, and in the morning it will be difficult for you to put on your favorite shoes.

The habit of sitting with crossed legs is not good because in this position the important vessels that are passing in the area under the knee are squeezed, because of which there is a bad flow of fluid in the legs. Provoke edemas are quite capable of high heels and tight shoes, a long standing job, without active movements. Even the love of soft low furniture can cause swelling on the legs, because sitting in these chairs is nice, but not always useful - while disrupting the uniform movement of fluids in the body.

How to help swollen feet

When the legs are not full and slightly closer to the end of a hot day, the feeling of heaviness and "vitality" does not bother too much, and after a cool shower and night rest disappears altogether, it is possible to alleviate the condition of swollen legs with some adjustment in diet and lifestyle. ]

Крайне опрометчивым будет решение уменьшить количество воды, которое вы привыкли пить, особенно в жаркую погоду. Такое ограничение приведет к сгущению крови и изменению состава мочи. Опасность этих последствий состоит в провоцировании мочекаменной болезни и усилении отеков. А вот количество соли в постоянном меню хорошо бы уменьшить, чтобы отрегулировать  водно-солевой баланс организма и не испытывать сильной жажды в жару.

If you have to stay on your feet all day because of the work, try not to stand still, but walk a little so that the fluids do not stagnate in the limbs. The same applies to office workers spending most of the day sitting in one pose by the computer.

In the evening, pamper your feet with a cool bath with infusions of herbs and sea salt, grease with a cream or gel with mint content. Well removes puffiness drugstore "Lyoton", salon lymph drainage massage helps.

When edema appears persistent and repeated regularly, you need to ask the doctor's opinion about this, so as not to miss the development of diseases that can be signaled by "vatnost" in the legs.

Preventive measures

As a prophylaxis for evening swelling try to change shoes during the day, for example, stylish "studs" for comfortable shoes with a low heel, walk more, if possible, give yourself a few minutes for easy gymnastics for the feet - to walk on tiptoe, roll on the toe On the heel, rotate the foot, pinch your toes.

During sleep, place something under your feet so that your limbs are just above your head. A good effect in the fight against edema is the compression stockings and stockings, which do not allow the vascular walls to stretch.

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