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Magic Pyramid

Children's toys, of course, play an important role in the development of the child, not because there are so many of them, and different uncles and aunts are always thinking out how to distract the cute little ones from other things. The right toys help the child to know the world around them and play various adult situations.
The best toys are valuable not for the variety of models and the high cost of copies, but for the skills that a child will receive when playing with a particular subject. And it's not for nothing that many youngsters, in the presence of the most outlandish and wonderful toys, reach for the consoles from TV sets, dishes, cutlery and most, that is, adult things. To small children it is important to try everything on taste, shake and throw, touch and examine. Older children like to disassemble and destroy, pour and roll, paint and sculpt. All these skills, of course, are important and are the basis of all those skills that any child will have after many years.

Games that require attention, concentration, interest, creativity and active work perfectly develop fine motor skills, stimulate the energetic work of both hemispheres of the brain and, therefore, are not only entertainment but also inert training. To such original simulators it is possible to carry a usual, at first sight, pyramid. Familiar to all the subject and completely not popular in our days a toy, is a colossal didactic aid for kids from one to four years. Of course, many parents are completely unaware of this, and most manufacturers are not interested in the special parameters of the pyramid, so finding the right toy for your child is becoming more difficult. The distinctive features of the necessary pyramid kids are several important parameters. Pay attention to the points listed above, since the end result of future games depends on the availability and the correspondence to the specified data.
So, hints from experienced teachers:
1. Verify the size of the holes in all rings (from the smallest to the largest). They must be identical.
2. Check the base of the pyramid for stability, because the child quickly disappears interest in the game, if the rod will constantly fall due to the awkward touch of crumbs.
3. Make sure that the pyramid has a regular rod for stringing, and not a cone or a strange shape wand that allows you to wear the rings in a certain order.
4. Try to find a pyramid with absolutely identical in color rings. Yes, yes, you all understood correctly. Colorful and beautiful pyramids look unambiguously advantageous, but their training in monochrome copies is more suitable for teaching children, since many babies quickly remember the order of flowers without having to understand the principle of the toy's action.
5. When choosing between wood and plastic, give preference to natural materials, but do not forget about the presence of paint on the toy - try to control the baby and prevent attempts to chew the product.

A few words about what can be done with the pyramid, apart from the standard and all-known stringing of rings. Naturally, the coordination tasks, accompanied by the removal and dressing of the rings, are the most important, but you can study the dimensions, compare them, offer to arrange the rings in pairs, choose the smallest and largest. In general, the process of sorting and selecting is very important in terms of decision making speed, but do not rush the baby, there are no limits and deadlines in the game, let him choose as much as he likes. Of course, the rings from the pyramid can be considered; Put on your fingers; Treat them zaek, imitating bagels; String, like beads and use, as the details of the designer. In addition, there is a fun game to fix the recognition skill with the help of tactile sensations, when all the rings of the pyramid are hidden in the pouch, and the child is offered to pull out the largest ring or, conversely, the smallest. In this case, the procedure can be repeated until there are no rings left in the bag. Probably, you can come up with other, no less exciting games. Maybe you already have your options?

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